Going into Ventures for technology presented me with new found admiration for the cohort and their experience put forth in this course. While most of the students were in classroom and k-12 focus, I was able to take the many OERs and look to apply them to my own adult education journey at my work.

Going backwards from the assignments, the venture pitches allowed me to apply a critical lens to some of the projects. The hope is that students can broaden their vision a bit while also being narrowly focused. Example Philip’s Myeportfolio while a great concept, has been done in a way by large organizations and apps and can be improved. On the opposite side, Adrian’s PhysicsIRL is something that allows for better understanding of subjects like physics that perhaps, in my opinion, has more value to kids. But then again, that is just me.

Looking at the OER’s, micro learning and anywhere learning can be said to encompass the same spirit of just in time education. Having developed a micro learning website in my last course, it is safe to say while YouTube, Khan academy, Alison, LinkediIn, allow for similar quick learning opportunities, having a dedicated teacher based platform might sound like a good idea that can carve out a nice niche for school boards. I know google classroom is heavily used and LMS have taken the admin tasks out of the equation.

Assignment 1 allowed me to see the various tools available that can make a great resource section. I went ahead and created them to better allow me to visualize what is out there at the on-set of the course.

Comments to group work.


I liked the idea of this venture but was not sure on how far would students want to preserve the education and what happens when you change schools etc etc. What value would there be in preserving learning from certain areas of middle school vs post-secondary etc? It was an interesting idea and perhaps if it had a focus on specific target educational group, would be interested to invest.


My concern is allowing students fate in career identifying to be managed by AI. While this helps those many students who do not know yet what they want to be, perhaps nudging them in the right direction can prove that this venture can do that. However applying it to fully managing your career path can raise privacy concerns.


Week 10 – Adaptive Learning Tech

Week 5 – Game based learning

Week 7 – Online self directed learning

Venture Pitch – ready for reality

Many of my comments were also made in padlet on the OERS example AI in AT –

Final word

I have always enjoyed courses such as these which allow for technology to blend with education since I am technical individual at my work and managing a massive LMS platform. The downside is while we have technology afforded to K-12, we are still have room for improvement for post-secondary and adult education. I have given myself a rating of top 20% in the cohort in the participation. Most of the comments unfortunately were tied into the padlets of the OER and would have loved to go back and review them if I knew which ones. However, this course allowed me to research the great ideas and tools from the rest of the students. There were truly some standouts and grateful to have taken this course.

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