Venture Pitch



When was the last time you saw a shooting star or a comet or even an eclipse? The last few years, we have seen space related news stories skyrocket with satellite launches, mars rovers and drones, race to create a moon base and more recently billionaires heading to outer space. This revolution of a space race has made sciences a hot topic for kids today and their future!

However, various disability groups and especially those kids who are blind will not be lucky enough to get that opportunity to experience the wonders of space, science and maybe become an astronaut!


We at project AstroVision are looking to bring the universe to the blind by creating toolkits of various space related artifacts already developed by great companies like NASA. We hope to inspire, create opportunities and break the barriers for blind children to get into sciences and pursue their dreams just like anyone else. The toolkits will be available for schools, universities and non-profits and even individuals to help kickstart learning in astronomy and bring enthusiasm for the space race barrier free.

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